asset ArdorBG and Trading Royalties: 0.1%

     As I have mentioned many times, when creating the ArdorBG asset, I pledged trading royalties in order to invest the funds from it in other projects. In this way, ArdorBG will be a fund in the Ardor platform. A fund investing in projects in child chains. The idea was never just about DEX liquidity, liquidity is one of the issues of the platform that will be worked on for quite a long time. For now, the results are visible, we have brought a lot of transactions to the platform and to some extent we have tied Ardor and Ignis to each other. This is also a good way for ArdorBG to have income at the very beginning after creation. In a short time I managed to build good communication with several teams working in Ardor and we hope to get good results in the future.

    But for the trading royalty ...... 0.1% is not small at all, especially with the hope that ArdorBG will be one of the most traded assets. If it were a higher percentage it would only drive away the speculators and the result would be exactly the opposite of what I want to achieve. It will just take us a long time to get enough funds in the pool to start investing. We are not in that much of a rush, we are still waiting for a bull run so that Ignis can be expensive, so our funds will be more and can be invested in more places. 

    And here it is important to ask the ArdorBG investors what they think. According to them, should we wait for funds to be raised through trading royalties or help by sending 5-10% of grid revenue to the investment pool? I will of course put up a poll to ask our investors what they think, but by the way I'd be happy if they would contact me first and discuss it. It's good to see their perspectives. My idea is to boost the investment pool by 5-10% of revenue for about 6 months. According to the monthly report, which will be released next week, there is an increase in revenue compared to previous months. I think this trend will continue and 6 months will be enough to collect decent funds in the pool.

    "Ardor"BG is not just a grid! ArdorBG is ArdorFund, ArdorGrid, ArdorEverything!


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