Bits grid support

 After the introduction of a new role for an #ArdorBG asset, the following question arises. We also support the Ignis/Bits grid, for which we need Bits, we also want to support the Ardor/Bits grid. In this way we will build a circle Ardor - Ignis - Bits - Ardor. So we'll tie the assets to each other and they should have pretty good liquidity. For this purpose, I calculated that we will need a little more than 25000 Bits final quantity. But what would be the price of the asset relative to Bits? Who am I to put a price on Bits? In order to avoid being accused of market manipulation, I decided to calculate the following, currently the minimum selling price Bits/Ignis is 1/100, if we say that #ArdorBG is currently worth 2.8 Ignis, it will cost 0.028 in Bits. But with the dividend accumulating in the pool, it would be extremely difficult to adjust the price in Bits, so I decided to release #ArdorBG in Bits at 0.1 and I will not change it, this way investors will determine where it is more profitable for them to buy.


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asset ArdorBG and Trading Royalties: 0.1%