Voting Poll 15828371335622575765 : New Distribution of Grid Revenue

New Distribution of Grid Revenue:

1. Dividend: between 20%-50% of revenue
2. buyback: between 10%-50% of revenue

The experience of the previous months shows me that if I have more flexible options, I can act more correctly in relation to the current situation.

1. Dividend: Dividend distribution is of utmost importance for the asset. Ignis by itself does not bring any profitability, if we store it, through the opportunities that the ArdorBG asset gives us, we will be able to receive a profit for the fact that our Ignis are invested in the grid. At the moment the grid is not well funded, however we have a stock of Ignis, this allows in the current situation to send a large % of profits to the dividend payout pool. Of course, the trend is changing and we may end up in a position where Ignis will be valuable and then it will be necessary to reduce the % to pay the dividend. This flexible approach would allow me to act more adequately to the current situation. And in addition, it is important to mention that it is possible that up to 80% of the earnings will be paid out as a dividend.

2. Buyback: This point is, in my opinion, more important than paying a dividend. Liquidity of the asset will be ensured through limited repurchase orders. I will try to maintain small spreads and good liquidity, so an investor will not have to hold his long position for a long time. Here, too, a more flexible approach is needed according to the situation. If we currently have good liquidity and limit buy orders from investors, we do not need to close funds in orders, but can use them to pay a dividend.

The asset holders #ArdorBG (14181059775676150956) please vote on Poll 15828371335622575765


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